Pauliina Swindells

... and a cast of many

Polly Swindells is a Finnish equestrian competing her way to Tokyo 2020. Her career is an unlikely and inspiring tale of excelling in a high-spend sport on a shoestring budget (with a little help from her friends).

Polly works at a stables by day and ploughs everything she has into competing. She and her horse Ferro S will need just a little help if they're to fund their way through trials and reach the Tokyo Olympics. 

Back a nutty kids' book - fund an Olympic dream!

Polly has written a kids' book to power her and Ferro through the international events calendar and (hopefully!) onto Tokyo 2020.

About Polly

In 2015, Polly Swindells qualified for the Rio games and her Olympic dream looked set. But a freak riding accident caused a broken back, and it all came crashing down.


For any other rider, two broken vertebrae would be a setback too far. For Polly it was just another hurdle in a career defined by challenge. Back on the horse, Polly faces another heavy year of competition, scrambling for funds, sleeping in a horsebox, and relying on a supporting cast of friends and family to get by.

Our Horses

Ferro S is a very talented and athletic horse. He’s extremely intelligent and sensitive.

Naturally very careful and scopey over the fences. He has lovely paces and the best personality!

Smithy is a true gentleman. He’s fun the be around.

Truly loves his jumping!

Callum is a cheeky chap, who loves life and can’t stay still.

He’s a bit of a worrier, but once you have him on your side, the sky is the limit

Polly's Sponsors

We like to stay informal and fun at but Polly lives and breathes her sport. With a professional brand, social presence and a blossoming profile, we can offer a range of opportunities to sponsors who wish to support Polly, online and off.

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